These Are The 25 Rock Stars With The Most Kids


22. Bob Marley


Who could ever forget Bob Marley? Certainly not his kids! Bob was one of the biggest icons back in the day and his name still resonates with many fans today. Unfortunately, his early death led to a whole generation not being able to experience his brand of unique music. Thank the stars we have the 13 children who have come from Bob. Alphabetically, they are Cedella, Damian, Imani, Isaac, Julian, Karen, Ky-Mani, Makeda, Robert, Rohan, Sharon, Stephen, Stephanie, and Ziggy. These kids all come from one truly devoted mother, Rita Marley! The Jamaican musician, songwriter, and singer totally changed how we appreciated and listened to reggae music. He single handedly defined the genre, winning awards all throughout his career. The world loved it so much that they erected a Bob Marley museum in honor of the Jamaican reggae singer.


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