These Are The 25 Rock Stars With The Most Kids


7. The Edge

naplesherald (AP Photo/Thibault Camus)

Err, who’s The Edge? He’s U2’s musician, aka David Howell Evans. David has had 3 daughters come out of his first marriage, all of whom are mostly kept out of public scrutiny. The British-born musician is also a singer, songwriter, vocalist, keyboardist and guitarist of rock and alternative band U2. Listing the names of the kids we have Hollie, born in 1984, Arran, born in 1985, and Blue Angel, born in 1989. These were with Aislinn O’Sullivan, his ex-wife. His relationship with Morleigh Steinberg has produced offsprings of Levi, born 1999, and Sian, born in 1997.


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