These Are The 25 Rock Stars With The Most Kids


Rock n’ roll and diapers don’t seem right together, but there are some rock stars out there who welcome the idea of having children… and lots of them. You know, this way they can have adoring fans and little mini-versions of themselves as they tour around the world! Children who have a rock star dad are more likely to share in the spotlight when the time comes, while some rock star parents prefer to keep their kids out of public scrutiny. Either way, these celebrity fathers are simply the coolest. In no particular order, here’s a list of the 25 rock stars with the most kids:

25. Sting

nbcnews (Nina Zotina / Sputnik via AP)

Sting has a really long name. Want to know what it is? It’s Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner. Want to know how many kids he’s got? Well, this multi-talented English artist, philanthropist, singer & songwriter, actor, and musical legend has six children in total. He has Joseph, born 1976, and Fuchsia, born 1982 with his first wife, Tomelty Frances. He also has Brigitte, born 1984, Jake, who was born a year later, Eliot, born 1990, and Giacomo, born 1995 with his second wife, Styler Trudie.


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