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Here Are 25 of The Sexiest Pop Stars Ever


Being sexy doesn’t just reflect one’s appearance; it’s also about the body language and the way one portrays himself or herself in public. And “sexiness” is usually associated with musicians more than those in other industries. The fans of popular artists are not only attracted to their musical talents, but also the way they arouse their audience with simple moves like taking off a shirt or a giving a seductive glance. So, let’s take a look at the 25 sexiest pop stars ever. We’ll start with female stars and follow up with their male counterparts, all of which have given sexiness a unique meaning in their own individual way.

1. Grace Jones – The Seductive Beauty:


This pop star, with her roots in Jamaica, gained fame as the pop-disco enchantress during the 70’s  and 80’s. When talking about androgynous beauty, Grace Jones tops the list. Her uncompromising features, glowing skin, and a lanky physique made her a fashion icon no matter what she draped over her body. But make no mistake, she was not scared of taking off her clothes. Grace happened to put her breasts on display at Disney World which resulted in her getting banned from the theme park forever. Perhaps, Grace Jones should be recognized as the Magic Kingdom’s official adult visitor.


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