Groovy Rhino (“Groovy Rhino” or “Company”) understands that privacy is very important to you. As a part of providing our service(s), products and operating our websites, the Company collects certain personal and non-personal information from you. This Privacy Policy is designed to explain to you what kind of information the Company collects, how it is used and how the Company endeavors to keep the information secure.

What Types of Information Does “Groovy Rhino” Collect?

Groovy Rhino collects both personal and non-personal (aggregate) information from you, in a variety of ways that include when you register with the Company, order products or services, and via the operation or use of those services or by the use of cookies or other similar technologies during your site visits.

  1. Personal Data: We may collect information from you when you complete customer surveys or participate in promotions.
  2. Personal Financial Data: If you choose to access Company’s subscriber or premium services, or order products from Company, we may ask you for your Pay Pal Account, Credit Card Information or other relevant financial information.
  3. Aggregate or Anonymous Data: As part of the operation of the Websites and the products and services, the Company will collect IP addresses and may also collect data from the operation of cookies, .gifs, web beacons, Pixel Tags and similar technologies. More information about these types of technologies is provided below. We will also collect aggregate data about patterns of usage of the services.

The Company may use personal information to provide you with information about other products or services offered by Company or to invite you to participate in promotions.

Use of Cookies

Like many other sites, Groovy Rhino uses cookies, which are small data files that may be stored on a User’s computer hard drive. A cookie may contain identifying information that may assist web applications in identifying you and/or your computer and/or your preferences. Most of the browsers available today will have the option to disable cookies altogether, or notify you if you receive a new cookie or prevent your system from accepting new cookies. Please be cognizant of the fact that if you choose to disable cookies some portion of the site’s services may not function properly or not function at all.

Many of the advertisements that you see on the Groovy Rhino interface(s) are delivered by third party web advertising partners. The web advertising partners may use cookies to generate information, such as the number of times you visited a particular site but they will not obtain your name, address or other personal information. Cookies in this case are used to serve advertisements and/or promotions to you and track those advertisements/promotions. If you want more information regarding the collection and use of cookies by third party advertisers, please visit

Sharing of Your Personal Data

Groovy Rhino does not rent, trade, barter, sell, make available or transfer any of your personal data, communications or traffic data to any third parties without your permission except in certain limited circumstances.

  1. We may be obliged under certain laws or by court orders from competent authorities to transfer your personal data, communications and/or traffic data without your permission or prior knowledge. The Company may receive requests from state or federal law enforcement organizations or a court or another authority or regulatory agency with appropriate jurisdiction to retain or provide personal data, and/or traffic data and/or communications content. We will provide this data and any assistance needed in order to fulfill the request.
  2. In order to efficiently provide the service(s) that you have requested from Company or to assist Company with policing and preventing fraud, it may be necessary to share your personal and traffic data with vendors or other service providers, partners, carriers, distributors, banking and/or payment processing organizations. Company requires that all third party organizations take appropriate measures and observe all relevant legislation in the jurisdiction/area they operate to protect your personal and traffic data.
  3. We may also share your personal information for the provision of requested services that originate with a related or affiliated company.
  4. In the event that Groovy Rhino acquires a similar operating business or is acquired by another business organization, personal information of Groovy Rhino’s users will generally be considered an asset and will be subject to transfer to a third party as part of the transaction. Groovy Rhino reserves the right to include users’ personal information as part of any such transaction.

Groovy Rhino reserves the right to share aggregated and anonymous information with third parties for marketing, research or any other purpose.

Where Will Your Personal Information Be Processed?

Your personal data, communications and traffic data may be processed and stored in any country where the Company operates and/or maintains a facility. This may include areas outside North America. By using the services offered by Company you expressly agree to the transfer of information/data outside of your country of residence.

Protecting Your Personal Information

Groovy Rhino and all related companies engage in appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data, communications and traffic data provided to or collected by Groovy Rhino. We use industry-standard tools to ensure that your information is secure and confidential. You should not share passwords or other confidential information about your account.

How Long is Your Personal Data Held By Groovy Rhino?

Groovy Rhino will keep your personal information as long as necessary to complete any of the purposes of this Privacy Policy and will comply with all applicable rules and regulations that govern minimum length of holding of personal information.

Changing or Updating Your Personal Information

You may contact Groovy Rhino at to view, rectify, adjust or complete your personal data. Upon verification of your identity and within a reasonable period of time, Groovy Rhino will comply with your request, provided that in doing so it does not contravene any applicable laws or legislation.

Contacting You

Groovy Rhino reserves the right to contact you via email for these operational purposes, as well as matters such as violations of third party rights, violations of the Terms of Service and violations of the Privacy Policy.

Groovy Rhino may also use email to update you with news about the products and services that you have purchased or are using and/or to inform you about other Groovy Rhino products, unless you have opted out of receiving this information. To opt out of receiving this type of information, please contact Groovy Rhino at

Linked Websites

The Groovy Rhino site may contain links that allow you to leave the Company website and access another website(s). These websites will have a different Privacy Policy and are not under control of Company. Any personal information gathered by these companies is subject to their Privacy Policies and Groovy Rhino is not responsible for such personal data.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Company reserves the right to change, alter, modify or adjust the Privacy Policy. We will notify users about changes in this the revised Privacy Policy by publishing a copy of it at This revised Privacy Policy will become effective 30 (thirty) days after it has been published unless you accept the revised Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy Last Amended: November 2016