9 Things You Might Not Know About TLC


8, Lisa Left Eye Lopes caught her boyfriend’s mansion on fire

In 1992, Left Eye started dating Atlanta Falcons football player, Andre Rison. However, there was a lot of violence between them and Left Eye even caught his mansion on fire. The reason the mansion caught on fire was because she decided to set his shoes on fire and the fire caught the plexiglass tub and melted it and caught the frame of the mansion on fire. She only got probation and a fine out of doing it. Although she did this to him, the two kept on dating for three more years.

7, The group received diamond certification with their album, “Crazy Sexy Cool”


TLC was one of the first artists in 1996 to get to diamond status for their album, “Crazy Sexy Cool.” Diamond is given to a group or solo artist for selling more than 10,000 albums in the United States. They actually sold more than 11,000 copies in the United States alone.

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