9 Interesting Facts About The Allman Brothers


8, The brothers are left handed


Although the brothers are left handed, they learned to play the guitar right handed.

7, Duane Allman and Berry Oakley both died in motorcycle accidents

The weird thing about this was that not only did they both die from a motorcycle accident, but they died three blocks from each other. Duane Allman died on October 29, 1971 and Berry Oakley died on November 11, 1972. Although Berry was in a motorcycle accident, he did not die from it instantly. He got up from the accident and went and hung out with friends. However, three hours later, he ended up having a brain hemorrhage and died from that. They were both 24 when they died though. They were also both buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in Macon, Georgia. This is where the band often played together.

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