7 Interesting Facts About Dustin Lynch


Dustin Lynch was born on May 14, 1985 In Tullahoma, Tennessee. His real full name is Dustin Charles Lynch and he is an American country music singer and songwriter.

Dustin moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 2003 to start his career in music.

His fans might think they know all there is to know about him but they probably don’t know everything yet. Here are 7 interesting facts about Dustin Lynch.

7, The first celebrity he ever met

Vince Gill was the first celebrity Dustin ever met. They were at an inner city children’s golf tournament. Dustin was there to help out and Vince was there as the celebrity. Dustin told him he was there to write songs and Vince took him under his arm. He took him out to the car and showed him some golf clubs that weren’t even on the market yet.

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